Progressive Soccer Academy

Progressive Soccer Academy

Progressive Soccer Academy are a children’s football training club in Bristol that offers both teaching and support for children with a passion for football. We do not take players away from clubs but rather work with local clubs to help develop the young talent.

Our academy offers children expertise in a multitude of areas:

  • FA Qualified Football tuition
  • FA Youth Award Football tuition
  • Sports Leaders UK Award in Community Sports Leadership
  • Active IQ Fitness Instructor’s Award
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Bio-mechanical Consultation
  • FA Emergency First Aid
  • FA Safeguarding

Progressive Soccer Academy is striving towards, laying the foundations for the beautiful game of the future.

Far-flung from POMO merchants of a by-gone era, and a step ahead of the copy-cat generation of recent years, our focus is on coordination, technical ability and developing a thirst for practice and the fine-tuning of skills.

Whilst not everybody has the potential to be a Lionel Messi or Lucy Bronze, we do feel that, with the proper technical training and encouragement, every child can improve and succeed in the sport we all love. Our job is to help all the children in our football training group to improve their technique and confidence in order to become well-rounded players.

Our Children’s football training in Stoke Gifford is designed for the kids to develop their football skills, but also to ensure they have a good time playing a sport they are passionate about. Most boys and girls that start at Progressive Soccer do so at a young age, and therefore we like to teach them the importance of playing as part of a team. With this in mind, we remind them that we are not concerned about winning (though we do all love to get the better of our opponent every now and then). More at the centre of our interest is to see the children grow in confidence and ability.

Whilst in future they may go on to be coached in a way more in keeping with the pressures of winning points and trophies, the tuition offered at Progressive Soccer Academy, is more of a relaxed environment where the children have more of a chance to make mistakes and learn from them.

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'Bringing junior grassroots football in the UK into the 21st Century'