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Laceeze – When football mums became entrepreneurs, with their award winning boot lace innovation

Junior Grassroots Community, have you all heard about Laceeze? Their innovative bands solve a problem all of us have had at some point. Here’s a brief history….

We’ve all been there – on the sidelines of the football pitch while the referee has to stop match play (again) while little Bobby has to stop and tie up his boot laces. It’s frustrating for the coaches, refs, parents and the kids too. It was exactly this issue that got two football mums thinking – could they create a durable and effective solution for children to stop laces coming undone during team sport?

It was back in October 2016 that devoted mothers of football obsessed boys, Emma Burke and Paula Henley, watched another exasperated parent struggle with an elastic band or a bit of gaffa tape to stop their kid’s laces coming undone. Whilst this solution did work, temporarily, they thought there must be a better long term solution for this that wouldn’t only do the trick of keeping the laces in place but something that kids would think looks cool too.

Laceeze Entrepeneurs Innovation

After months of hard work and rigorous product development that followed, the original Laceeze bands were born. Emma and Paula began selling online in 2017 and then in July 2020 they received their product patent – their feet (and their kids’ laces!) haven’t touched the ground since.

Their innovative product, designed in the UK and made from the highest quality silicon with ribbed technology (to improve grip around the shoe), is suitable for all kids’ footwear from Child 13 to and including UK size 6. They also stock larger sizes too. At time of writing the original Laceeze bands in black are the top selling product on Amazon UK and, whilst there are now imitation products on the market, Laceeze are well known in the grassroots’ football community for their superior quality and unwavering grip. 

Don't Stop The Game - Laceeze

Emma Burke, Co-Founder of Laceeze, comments about their unexpected success; “It’s amazing to see how much more confident children are when they wear our bands and it’s always such a pleasure to hear positive feedback from the parents and coaches. Bands being seen on feet is our best marketing tool and this would explain why a Sunday afternoon/evening is our best day for sales after grassroots’ matches have been played. We also encourage children to still learn how to tie their laces – a vital life skill – because the bands are designed to secure across a single tie.”

We approached Emma and her team about establishing a partnership, due to the obvious synergy between their products and our audience. We are delighted to help support a growing UK based business, with a genuine passion for supporting grassroots sport at its heart and we look forward to collaborating together on some exciting initiatives for our community.


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