Gravity Sports Equipment and Gadgets (SEG)

Gravity Sports Equipment and Gadgets SEG
Gravity Sports Equipment and Gadgets offer innovative and affordable equipment and gadgets to support coaches parents and players of grassroots football.

The business was founded by Peter Jackson, a football coach with over 15 years experience that began coaching grassroots teams where he looked to support young players from the local area where he grew up and played as a boy.

At this time Peter coaches at a cat 1 academy and within the charitable arm of the club where he works closely with local community clubs and their coaches.

The idea for Gravity Sports Equipment and Gadgets products have all came from situations where Peter had thought ‘their must be a better way’.

The products so far have proven extremely popular to coaches with further products for players and parents planned for the future.

We hope that the products we offer can in some way support and help connect people to engage and inspire in whatever sport you play!

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'We are bringing junior grassroots football in the UK into the 21st Century'