Skillabus’s “Football’s Coming Home” online programme helps develop children’s football skills at home.

Based on 25 years of football coaching excellence, their 100 challenges take girls and boys aged 5-12 on a journey from beginner to star performer, improving first touch, passing, shooting and dribbling. Every challenge has a video demonstration (by a child, not an adult), key technique tips and guidance on making it easier or harder depending on their starting point. We also explain how to practice indoors if the weather is bad/outside space isn’t available.

More time with the ball = better skills!

For coaches, Skillabus provides a way to boost your coaching impact by giving your players an easy way to practice the right things when they’re not at a training session. You’ll start to see a difference in skill and first touch which will add to their enjoyment of playing.

For parents it’s a great way to have fun helping your child build their technique and confidence (and possibly yours too!).

Offer for Clubs: give all your members access to our Football’s Coming Home programme for £299 p.a. (£399 for clubs with over 500 members). Use discount code Grassroots1 to get 10% off.

We also provide trophies and certificates to use as rewards for stand-out participation, effort and achievement.

Offer for Parents: Parents can buy access to our Football’s Coming Home programme for programme for £29.99 p.a. Use discount code Grassroots1 to get 10% off.


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